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 Thank you for particiapting 
  in the BCC 2023!  

Our partners and sponsors

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Take the future in your hands!

Are you creative, innovative, motivated and have a keen interest in shaping a sustainable future?

Then the Business Case Challenge 2023 is the right place for you, because here you do not necessarily need specialist training, but rather an idea, courage and joy in the detailed analysis and preparation of your idea.

Here you can:  

  • your knowledge and skillsprove

  • face a case together with your team or alone 

  • gain valuable experience

  • prices worth up to 10,500


Are you interested in being part of something big? 

Then register with us right away and benefit of an exciting challenge with great prizes!

3D-Drucker bauen

HENN case

The HENN Case is about additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing and is a rapidly growing technology.

This technology can reduce waste and material consumption and is environmentally friendly compared to traditional manufacturing methods as the parts can be manufactured with less energy and less carbon emissions. With this case you can describe industrial additive manufacturing in 2030.

Nachhaltige Energie

OMV case


UNIQA case

Sustainability, health and healthcare are interdependent: when shaping the future, they must be considered together. With the UNIQA Case you can analyze points of friction in today's healthcare system and develop innovative ideas in the areas of telemedicine or mental health care that are tailored to the needs of today and tomorrow.

The fundamental changes related to climate change and greenhouse gas reduction targets are having a significant impact on the oil and gas industry. With the OMV Case you can develop a sustainable and circular product or technology in one of the three business areas: Chemicals & Materials, Fuels & Raw Materials or Energy.

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