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The HENN Connector Group currently makes 75% of its sales with innovative connections and 25% with innovative manufacturing technologies - as a contract manufacturer through to the implementation and industrialization partner for start-ups with their own products. One of the most important technologies here is 3D printing and an important competence, the production of preliminary and serial parts from 3D printing processes.


Our business case revolves around the trending topic of 3D printing/additive manufacturing. We are taking part in the Business Case Challenge because we want to know from the entrepreneurs of tomorrow whether they need a partner to industrialize their physical product idea and what this collaboration should ideally look like. We are excited about the students' fresh solutions and look forward to expanding our network.

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About the HENN Connector Group

We are the HENN Connector Group. We stand for pioneering high-tech connection systems. As a top global player, we also develop highly innovative, smart product solutions - from the idea to large series - for customers from numerous industries around the world. We hold over 200 patents in 16 different countries for our metal and plastic couplings for fluids, air and gases. Whether product development support, prototype production, small or large series production: Our innovative manufacturing technologies range from design, 3D printing with metal or plastic and additive manufacturing to mold construction and plastic injection molding to CNC machining with milling and turning and manufacturing of precision deep-drawn metal parts.

What drives us?

Our mission to create great things through connections. With progressive technology, outstanding quality, excellent customer service and a common goal:

Strong connections. Big impact.

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