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HENN case

About the case

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a rapidly growing technology that is changing the way we design and produce objects. Its benefits span across various industries, from aerospace to healthcare, and open up new possibilities for designers and engineers. The technology can reduce waste and material usage, and is environmentally friendly compared to traditional manufacturing methods, as it can produce parts with less energy and lower carbon emissions. Learn more about additive manufacturing and our partner, HENN Connector Group. Take on the Business Case Challenge, describe the industrial additive manufacturing industry in 2030 and become part of a sustainable future!


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Your task
(detailed information in the case materials)


  • Describe the industrial additivemanufacturing industry in 2030

  • Analyze the industrial AM market and industry trends to develop a sustainable use case (especially with regard to contract manufacturing)


  • ​Do a market analysis through a description  of use cases, competitors, customers and market size.​

  • Provide an outlook by identifying trends in the AM industry identified         and developed  a vision of what the AM industry could look like in 2030.

  • Develop a sustainable business model, that could develop in the future of the AM industry you describe.


  • Innovation

  • Detail and quality of your market analysis

  • Clarity of presentation

Conditions of Participation

Participation in the HENN Case is open to everyone in training. This primarily includes pupils, students of all disciplines and universities, as well as military service or a social year. If you are unsure, write to us!


You can work alone or in a team of up to 3 people.


Please submit your business model in pdf format until

28th of May 2023, 23:55

You can submit your case here:

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