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 Learning materials

Here we provide you with all the information you need to create a business plan. These are short videos developed at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, which are also used in university teaching.
Of course you can - and should - also use other sources outside of this offer. You can also find other interesting resources for your work below.

Growth Strategies

The central element of every business idea is the decision as to which product to offer in which market. Here it is important to define whether, for example, existing products should be offered in new markets, or whether completely new product ideas should be developed. In addition, the offer must be converted into an integrated business model. In the tutorial video we give hints how the development of new products is embedded in the corporate strategy, how to find new ideas and how to transform them into a business model.


Once you have developed an interesting offer, you have to define the market for the offer. The decision to go international often plays an important role here. Various factors must be weighed against each other when selecting a market. In the three tutorial videos, we show different approaches to evaluating and selecting potential target markets. We introduce the Funnel Model, which offers a structured approach to prioritization, and provide an introduction to emerging market dynamics.

Industry Analysis

In addition to selecting suitable target markets, the industry must also be understood. What forces determine competition in my industry? And how are my competitors behaving, which niche can I occupy and defend? In the tutorial video, we show tools and models that can be used to find clear answers to these questions.

Market Sizing

In most cases, it is advisable not to just rely on your own gut feeling when selecting and prioritizing markets and business ideas. A structured determination and estimation of the market size helps with these decisions. In the tutorial video, we show various approaches that can be helpful in these tasks.

Funding Decisions

Once the strategic direction has been determined, it is important to evaluate different scenarios and options quantitatively in order to enable well-founded decisions.
In the documents we show the basic principles of budgeting and evaluating investment options.


​​Private Equity and Entrepreneurship

We would also be happy to provide you with one from our jury member and co-initiator
GDR. Michael Tojner's book publication freely available. In the book, he uses case studies to explain the interaction between venture capital and entrepreneurship.

You can download the publication here

Download Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.


Other interesting sources

We looked around and found many other exciting sources for development eFound a business plan. You can find links to these sources here. Please note that these are beyond our control and we can therefore not accept any responsibility for the content.

About the product:

Ansoff matrix explained: Video

Disruptive Innovation Explained: Video

The Explainer - Business Model: Video

The Explainer – Writing Great Business Plans: Video

How great leaders inspire action: TED Talk 2009 (S. Sinek)

Template:  CANVAS template

On the subject of the market:

Porter's 5 Forces: Video

The Explainer – Don't Just Sell Stuff – Satisfy Needs: Video

Teaching and research material from the University of Pennsylvania on: Economic and Business Implications of COVID-19

Additional sources: Google Trends, WKO, Statistics Austria, OenB data, Eurostat, strategy consultancy homepages, ...

On the subject of financing:

Videos where the following concepts are explained:

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)


private equity

Company Valuation

Balance sheet

cash flow statement

On the subject of the circular economy:

Introduction to the Integrated Learning Approach

Introduction to CE

Introduction to Circular Strategies

Introduction to revenue models and cost structures

Introduction to the concepts of installed base

Mapping the value chain

Practical evaluation of value retention

On the subject of triple bottom lines:

Juggling the 3P's: dealing with sustainability in the supply chain

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