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OMV case

About the case

The fundamental changes related to climate change and greenhouse gas reduction targets are significantly impacting the oil and gas industry. In order to ensure sustainable long-term success and the ability to deliver attractive returns for all stakeholders, companies must adapt to the requirements of a sustainable economy. Our partner, OMV - one of the largest industrial companies in Austria - commits to becoming a leading sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials company by the adoption of a sustainable growth business model focusing on circular economy solutions. Propose a business case for a sustainable and circular product or technology in any of the three business segments: chemicals & materials, fuels & feedstock, or energy. Learn about OMV Strategy 2030, take on the Business Case Challenge and become a part of sustainable future!


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Your task
(detailed information in the case materials)


  • Propose a  circular innovation within OMV's three strategic business areas that has positive social and environmental value.


  • ​​Develop a compelling business plan that describes your innovation and the proposed business model.

  • Conduct a market analysis estimating the size of the market for your innovation.

  • Calculate a triple bottom line that shows net present value (NPV) and environmental and social impacts.


  • Innovation 

  • Persuasiveness of your business plan

  • Detail and quality of your analysis

  • Clarity of presentation

Conditions of Participation

Participation in the OMV Case is open to everyone in training. This primarily includes pupils, students of all disciplines and universities, as well as military service or a social year. If you are unsure, write to us!


You can work alone or in a team of up to 3 people.


Please submit your business model in pdf format until 


28. May 2023, 23:55

You can submit your case here:

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