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We cordially invite schoolchildren and students to convert their ecological, social and economic ideas into a sustainable business model.
This year the Business Case Challenge faces a new challenge where  focuses on the topic of "Sustainability".

How can I participate?

Every successful business idea needs implementation and a precise business plan. 

You can do this alone or together with your team (max. 3).

You should note the following: 

  1. look at the learning materials on our site at (videos,tutorials and slides). These materials can help you in preparing the business plan.

  2. take the 1.Online session and the 2.Online session part

  3. look at the assignments Case 2023 from HENNOMV  and UNIQA an 

  4. decide which case suits you best 

  5. edit this case

  6. submit your worked out case in German or English in time 

The submission deadline for business case proposals is:

28 May 2023, 23:55

The Business Cases 2023

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