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UNIQA case

About the case

Sustainability, health, and healthcare are interdependent: in shaping the future, they must be considered jointly. The main drivers of change in the health and healthcare industries are innovative ideas – mow and in the future. In cooperation with our partner, the UNIQA Group - one of the leading insurance companies in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe - you will be able to analyze points of friction in current healthcare and come up with innovative ideas that are tailored to the needs of today and tomorrow. Take on the Business Case Challenge, develop an innovative idea in the fields of telemedicine or mental healthcare and make an impact on the sustainable future!


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Your task
(detailed information in the case materials)


  • Propose a business case for a sustainable product or technology in the fields of telemedicine or mental health care.


  • Conduct a market analysis estimating the size of your innovation's market and potential competitors.

  • Generate a compelling business plan that describes your innovation and the proposed business model.

  • Calculate a triple bottom line showing the Net Present Value (NPV), environmental and social impact of your investment on the relevant KPIs. 


  • innovation

  • persuasiveness of the business plan

  • Detail and quality of your market analysis

  • clarity of presentation

Conditions of Participation

Participation in the UNIQA Case is open to everyone in training. This primarily includes pupils, students of all disciplines and universities, as well as military service or a social year. If you are unsure, write to us!


You can work alone or in a team of up to 3 people.


Please submit your business model in pdf format until


28. May 2023, 23:55

You can submit your case here:

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